Bona Fide - I

She spoke to them but he was solely focused on the way her lips formed the words, her lips moving almost obscenely, that he did not hear a thing she said. He was entranced by the movement of her slim, delicate hands, how she always seemed to speak with them, her blue eyes sparkling under the fluorescent lighting of the stadium making it seem as if she had a secret to tell, teasing him.

He wanted her.

He wanted her in every way possible but he couldn’t have her, at least not now. Standing in the midst of a celebrity crowd, backstage at an award show was not a place to show any sort of emotion towards the stunning girl standing in front of him clad in the most delectable black dress he had ever seen on her. He wanted to ravish her. His green eyes traced the outline of her silhouette, taking in how long her legs seemed to go from the peak he was able to get. He bit his lip, remembering the last time he had kissed her. He was so preoccupied with thoughts of her that he didn’t realize he was being called until a sharp jab at his ribs woke him up.

“Owww,” Harry complained, rubbing his side, cheeks going red as all the attention was now on him, even hers. His skin grew warm, something that always happened when he knew she was watching.

“Sarah says it’s time ta go, mate.”

Harry looked up at Niall before nodding. He mumbled a goodbye to everyone, keeping his eyes cast down to the floor. It was out of character for him, everyone knew, but he didn’t want anyone to notice how his eyes would have lingered on the blonde woman standing in front of him.

It wasn’t until he made it out of the building that he could finally breathe properly again. The nippy, London air felt like it was burning his cheeks from how cold it was but it came as a relief as he took deep breaths.

“Is everything alright, man?”

The voice was distinct, but Harry was too preoccupied with trying to clear his mind that all he did was nod, waving him off in the process. He followed his driver after parting ways with the rest of the boys, the four of them most likely going to a club to get shitfaced. Harry couldn’t, though, he had to get home.

The car ride back to his house made Harry feel even antsier. His hands felt clammy, his heart couldn’t stop beating like a drum in his chest and it was all because of her. His driver looked at him from the rear view mirror, concerned but with a knowing look on his face, yet he didn’t say anything to the poor lad who looked as if he was going to be sick. He merely pulled up into the house, making sure the gate closed behind him.

Harry quickly got out of the back seat before coming up to the drivers’ side.

“Make sure to come by tomorrow, thank you.”

It was all he said before he scurried to the front door, hands shaking as he tried to dig out his keys from his abnormally tight jeans. He was finally able to open the door after a bit of a struggle and lock himself inside. The lights were on in the entire house, he noticed, a positive sign.

He heard clamor in the kitchen.


His eyes widened before making his way to his kitchen where cupboards and drawers were pulled opened, shit thrown everywhere. It seemed as if a tornado came by and raided only the kitchen supplies.

But all that was a forethought to Harry, as his eyes lingered on her, standing there still clad in her dress, barefoot, with a wine bottle in one hand and a corkscrew in the other, her hair messy from the event and make up smudged. He couldn’t help but smile, dimples indenting his cheeks as he couldn’t help but think at how beautiful she looked.

“Taylor…” He couldn’t help but breathe out in just a whisper. She still heard it, though, but instead of greeting him, she merely complained.

“Why is it so complicated to open up a bottle of wine? Is this their way of telling me that I shouldn’t drink it?”

Harry chuckled, finding amusement in the fact that she couldn’t open the bottle as well as complain about it.  In a couple of strides, he was next to her, taking the bottle and corkscrew out of her hands and placing it on the counter. She pouted, crossing her arms across her chest.

“I wanted to drink that,” she said.

“Later,” was all he replied, before grabbing her hand and guiding her out of the kitchen. He didn’t stop or let go until they were in the living room, a fire already burning, much to Harry’s surprise.

Taylor shrugged, a grin tugging at her nude lips. “It was cold. You Brits have the most complicated systems here.”

“Taylor, you literally have to press a button to start it up,” Harry said, exasperated, but they both knew he was merely being playful. She walked past him, to the front of the fireplace, rubbing her bare arms up and down.

Harry couldn’t help but stare at her, watching her small movements, the way she seemed to be rocking back and forth as if being controlled by the music in her head. Harry was lucky to have her standing in his house, away from the struggles of being in public, away from every prying eye needing to know their every move of every minute of every day. It was a relief for him to be here, the weight of the world not on his shoulders for just this night.

He kicked off his shoes before walking up to Taylor. It seemed almost normal now, despite being apart for so long to wrap his arms around her, and so he did. He grip tightened as she placed her hands on his arms, leaning back against his chest, humming in delight.

“Missed you,” Harry mumbled, digging his face into her neck, smelling the sweet scent of vanilla and strawberries.

“You saw me an hour ago,” Taylor tried to reason but Harry could hear the way her voice rose, as if she was agreeing with her.

“And before that was a month.”

Harry could feel Taylor sighing before she turned in his arms, her hand going to cup his angular jaw, softly stroking the minimal stubble he had.

“Will you ever be able to grow a beard?” She was changing the subject, he knew her well enough to know that this was a conversation she had a hard time with. They both did.

“Heeeeey,” he decided to play along, not wanting to bring up any negativity. “I’ll have you know that I shaved two days ago.” He was almost proud of that accomplishment.

Taylor shook her head, but a smile was still there before she gently placed her lips on his jaw, a sweet kiss.