New in Life

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Well, hey there strangers.

Long time no write. I've been lacking in motivation and everything else that comes with going to college, like laziness. I'm not really sure why I haven't written but I had the strong urge to come onto here, my newly(ish) made blog and just write to you, my fellow strangers.

There is actually a reason as to why I'm writing, though. I wanted to document all the new changes in my life that I am making or trying to make. Now, just so I won't bore you to death, onto the list:

  1. Becoming Vegan
    It's only been a month and I've had some ups and downs with trying to get into veganism but I can wholeheartedly say that this is the lifestyle choice for me. I'm doing mainly for ethical/moral reasons but also for the health benefits. My parents always ask me if I get cravings for meat and what not but I can genuinely say that I don't. I can't picture me eating anything involving animals and I am 100% happier.
  2. Deciding to stay a 5th year in college
    I would never dream of me staying an extra year in college but I feel like it would benefit me in the long run. The reason?
  3. Deciding to triple major.
    That's right. You heard me. I've decided to triple major. Those majors include my current one, Film and Media Studies along with Art and Computer Science. I'm still in disbelief that I've decided to try and triple major and include Computer Science. I remember at one point during high school I wanted to major in Computer Science but then I found out that it included math and then I ran away from that. I've decided that I wouldn't let any type of math or science scare me away. I hate that a lot of people skip out on possible majors/jobs because there's math involved (but that's for a different post).

These are only three things I've decided for my life. I probably have, I most likely have more but just for now I'm going to post this. 

What's new in your life?