Thirty Day No Makeup Challenge

Welcome to day 2 and welcome back to my blog. Where the hell have I been? What's it like on this side of town? I wouldn't know, it's been exactly a year a some days since I've posted on here. And since I'm all about those awkward introductions and having no idea how to welcome myself back, I'd thought getting into a fun challenge would be a good way to kick things off.

I'm doing the 30 Day No Makeup Challenge. What is this challenge, you ask? Well, it's exactly what the title says. I want to clear my skin and since I'm eating all around healthier foods so I want to see how well my skin clears. Not only that, but I think it'll be a very good confidence booster. I'm not a fan of my face, in fact, I'm not a fan of myself. Aw, boohoo. That's an entirely different story. But I don't want to rely on makeup to say to boys or to get along with girls. I don't want to rely on the fact that it does make me a little more confident. 

Disclaimer: I can't put on makeup for shiittake mushrooms so this whole challenge is a little irrelevant. But that's besides the point.

Yesterday was my Day One with no makeup and it was fine. As long as I don't look in the mirror I'll be fine. And with that being said I want that thinking to stop. Which I hope will work as I do this challenge. 

You don't need makeup to feel beautiful. You don't need makeup to make people like you. You don't need makeup unless it's for you and only you.

Love yourself brilliantly.