The Cliché That is New Year's Resolutions

Picture is of Vanessa Hudgens, my love.

Picture is of Vanessa Hudgens, my love.

Happy 2017!

I am very appreciative that 2016 is long gone because on a national level, it was probably the worst year I have ever encountered (from what I can remember of past years).

Honestly, I don't want to get into what 2016 brought for me except the fact that I did a lot of realizing. 10 points to Gryffindor if you can guess the orgin of the quote. I learned how much I have to grow and how much I have to figure out but that's what 2017 is all about...

Now, onto the resolutions.

1. Read 50 books.
At one point in my life, this would have been easy. A book a week, easy! But considering I only read about 4 books (fun read, classes don't count) last year, I'll say that aiming for 50 books in a year is like climbing Mount Everest for me. But I will not back down from this challenge! But another but I won't be so strict when it comes to keeping this resolution. I just want to find my love of reading again.

2. Journal Often.
Notice how I didn't say everyday. I can't journal everyday. I had to do it for class once and I nearly lost my shit as I wrote 40+ journal entries the day before it was due. Now I want to journal but whenever I feel like it and not being constrained with a daily limit. 

3. Write More Blog Posts.
Considering how I feel now as I type this bad boy up, I don't get why I don't blog more. It's another escape, a release that I should do more often. But I never know what to blog about. What do people care about? Do they even care what I have to say? All that jazz. But I'll try. And not only that, but photo blogs! Which brings me to...

4. Take More Photos.
This goes along with trying to stop from being so hard on myself. Take the damn pictures and love what I take. I want to carry a camera with me everywhere. Whether it be a DSLR, a 35mm, or a polaroid, or even a disposable camera. Though I love the power of the iPhone, I want to learn more with a camera.

5. Write.
When I say write, I don't mean blogs or journaling. I mean write. Write that damn script I've put off for six months, or all those novel ideas I never flesh out. I want to write more. Creative writing, if you will. I just want that.

6. Lose Weight.
HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I PUT THIS ON A RESOLUTION? Probably every year since the age of 9, sad right? But now I'm serious (how many times have I said that as well?). I've already kickstarted it, though, by losing 5 pounds already (and blasting it on every social media platform). As of right now, I won't be putting a goal weight. Yes, I know where I want to end up number wise but I'm not going to hold myself accountable if I don't meet that number. Lately, I've been feeling better than I ever have and that's only five pounds down. It's all about what I've been putting into my body and I'm just excited to continue eating this way.

And that's it for the superficial, exterior type of resolutions. As I said, I ultimately want to grow into myself and learn to love myself and everything that makes me weird and unique and all that jazz. 

What are your resolutions? Do you not care/think resolutions are pointless? Let's discuss!