What The Vegan?

 *I searched my hard drive for anything vegan. Food from Wheel of Life in Irvine. THE BEST VEGAN THAI FOOD EVER.

*I searched my hard drive for anything vegan. Food from Wheel of Life in Irvine. THE BEST VEGAN THAI FOOD EVER.

What, another post? Say it ain't so. 

I'm proud of this and like I said, I do want to continue posting on this blog.

Today, we are talking about my journey with veganism and how it has been one hell of a rough ride.

I can't say when the first time I learned about veganism was. I do want to say that I may have known about it for awhile but never made the connection.

My first step into veganism, though, was as a freshman in college. I think I went vegan due to the fact I did not want to gain the dreaded 'Freshman 15'. It sort of worked considering when I 'transitioned' to being vegan for the first time at the end of 2013, I couldn't cook to save my life. Therefore, I went a week without eating. Because I didn't have the right mindset and the fact that when I went home for Thanksgiving and Christmas break, my 'veganism' journey went down the drain because holiday food is just so yummy.

Fast forward to March of 2015. I discovered Stella Rae, a vegan/lifestyle/beauty vlogger on youtube. Again, I can't say if she was the first vegan youtuber I found but she's the one I do remember watching a lot. One day, I decided to watch a film that was highly recommended by vegans. Earthlings (dir. Shaun Monson, 2005) was the film that made me go vegan overnight, literally. I remember my last meal before that was Orange Chicken... I didn't finish it.

Earthlings was the beginning of my journey. It made me make the connection that I couldn't love animals and eat them too. I will say this, you can have your opinon and I can have mine. I don't judge anyone for eating meat when the proclaim to love animals. To me, they just haven't made the connection, yet. But what kind of person would I be if I didn't admit that I have had some trouble on my journey to veganism.

I have a love/hate relationship with food (which will be an excellent future blog post) and going vegan was tough simply because I still craved yummy food and I still couldn't/refused to cook. Can any say 'a mess'? Yeah, that's me. Even now, I still struggle with veganism as a whole.

I'm proud to say that I haven't eaten meat since then, chicken a little later, and fish for a few months. I still struggle with sweets and pastries.

It's been almost five years since my freshman year of university when I only went vegan to lose weight. Five years later, I didn't just gain the freshman 15, I gained the college 30! Holy universe, I gained 30 pounds while in college. Am I proud of that? Obviously not. Is it strange to see me claim veganism yet still look fat. It might be for the ones that don't know what vegan junkfood is.

Which makes go on to junk food. Yes, vegan junk food exists. And it is what I eat, even here in London. I hate cooking. I hate wasting my time cooking so I rely on quick foods that are vegan but will only take like 5 minutes to make (I love the microwave). That's definitely one reason why I'm still overweight. But at this point, I'm glad that I haven't eaten a cow, pig, or chicken in years (it took me a looooooooong time to stop eating sushi, sorry Nemo :/ ). 

So, what was the point of this blog post? I'm not sure. I can say that it was to educate my readers (do I even have readers?) on veganism and to make that connection. But I didn't do that. I guess it's to show that, yes, an average person can go vegan and keep trying to go vegan if it's what they want. You don't have to be like those perfect youtubers who make perfect açaí bowls and have perfect veggie dinners. I'll be honest and say that I do strive to be like that one day, and on an extremely good day I'll get that motivation, but until then I'll stick to my favorite microwavable noodles that are in fact vegan and you can too.

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